Airfy Smart Wi-Fi HotSpot

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Airfy Smart Wi Fi HotSpot

Normally, you wouldn’t think too much about what your router or Wi-Fi hotspot looks like. It’s there to connect you to the Internet as easily as possible so the aesthetics take a back seat. But the geniuses behind Airfy think otherwise. The hotspot should be a topic of conversation in on itself. Looking nothing like the routers and hotspots that you can buy today, Airfy is visually pleasing and beyond the ordinary. It goes beyond looks though, because it’s compatible with 802.11 N and AC plus Bluetooth Low Energy wireless. Free is always good and the free Wi-Fi you get with Airfy is a huge bonus. Everything can be controlled by your smartphone through an app, so you don’t have to worry about settings for the Airfy. The myriad of LEDs within the panels of this personal hotspot can also be configured to display your preferences (status updates, tweets, etc). The makers are even thinking about installing a camera within the Airfy to act as your own home security network, if they meet their stretch goal. The project is looking for funding now via Indiegogo. $49+.

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