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Circuit Scribe

Every student who took up electronics will understand how circuits and diagrams work. Those students all dream of their work coming into life, even after their simple sketches and rudimentary circuits. The dream can turn into reality now with the Circuit Scribe. It’s basically a roller ball pen but instead of ink, the Circuit Scribe is filled with conductive ink. This means that your drawing itself can become the circuit. Sure, pencils can become a makeshift jumper when situations call for it but graphite’s conductivity is nowhere near the Circuit Scribe. It’s not really a new idea since there have been pens before that offer conductive ink but this one is different. The ink on Circuit Scribe is not messy and won’t take forever to dry up. This Kickstarter project is so successful that it went beyond its projected target four times over. Pledge now and get the Circuit Scribe pen as well as a basic kit that includes LED boards, a BJT transistor, slide switches and other electronic kits to get you started on your next electronic project. You can basically kiss your breadboard goodbye with the Circuit Scribe. $30+.

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