Woojer Wearable Woofer

Did you know that Ludwig van Beethoven was totally deaf towards his twilight years? So how can the virtuoso behind ‘Ode to Joy’ compose such masterpieces without hearing the notes he’s playing? The answer is with vibrations. He didn’t need to hear his music – he only has to feel it. At the very heart […]

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Feenix Nascita Mouse

While there are people who believe that mice and similar input devices are on their way out, there are still purists who believe in their power. People might be amazed at touch-enabled inputs but the tactile feeling of the mouse is simply unmatched. And when companies like Feenix refines the mouse, then the game is […]

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Martian Passport Smartwatch

No, this watch hasn’t been to Mars and back. Nor is it from any other planet for that matter. Mars might be in the news again now, thanks to India’s mission to the Red Planet. Martian Watches were, however, the pioneers of voice command watches paired to your smartphone and they’re offering this new model. […]

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Doxie Flip

Scrapbooking is a huge part of keeping your memories. The only problem is that physical memories, e.g. your first boarding pass, high school notebooks, old photos, are at the mercy of the elements. When those things get wet, then you might as well say bye bye to them. But if you do have a scanned […]

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Nikon 58mm f/1.4G

Like I’ve said many times before, a good photo depends on how good the lens you are using. Sure, you can get away with the quick snapshot of your latest vacation or family gathering with a kit lens, but it won’t be enough for specialty uses. When things go dark, only a lens with an […]

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iPad Air

Another company who got the memo regarding the theme ‘thin is in’ is Apple with the introduction of their latest tablet. The iPad Air is slim and sexy and, if you’re not careful, might just float away from you. Alright, I made that last part up but hear me out first. The new tablet features […]

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Samsung SpinPoint M9T

At this point in time, with all the tech gizmos and developments being showcased around the world, only your wallet needs to be thicker. Let’s just hope it’s padded in Benjamins though, and not with credit card receipts or other nonsense. All other items, mainly the tech variety, need to be slimmer. Answering the bell […]

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Further swaying new buyers away from entry-level DSLRs is FUJIFILM with the announcement of the X-A1. It’s an entry-level model alright, but it most definitely is not a DSLR but a compact mirrorless. It carries a 16MP CMOS sensor that’s APS-C-sized, meaning it’s the same size as your cheapest DSLR. This allows you to get […]

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Apple iPhone 5c

Like what speculators have said in months past, Apple has indeed updated the iPhone 5 with the release of the 5s and the 5c. It would be fair to say that the iPhone 5c contains the guts of the iPhone 5 but housed in new, colorful cases. Running the show is an A6 chip driving […]

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BlackBerry Z30

Announcing their biggest smartphone yet is BlackBerry with the new Z30. Featuring a 5″ AMOLED display, the phone lets you see more and do more. Running on the new BlackBerry 10.2 operating system, the phone is loaded with the new BlackBerry Priority Hub feature that organizes your messages, emails or social networking activity according to […]

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