Quebee Personal Video Camera

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Quebee Personal Video Camera

Be part of the action and capture everything, including the videographer himself with the Quebee Personal Video Camera. While capturing videos may be fun from your point-of-view, the trouble starts when you want to be part of the scene. With the Quebee, it’s easier because you can mount the camera to a spot where everything can be captured, and leave it there to record. At the very heart of it is an HD camera that’s coupled with a wide angle lens for a broader range of capture. It’s also paired with a high-quality microphone that’s shielded from the wind. Capture five (5) hours of video continuously or, up to two days when set on a time lapse, thanks to the Quebee’s durable batteries. Control is through an app on your smartphone where quick previews and sharing are possible if you’re connected to the web. You can even sync the Quebee to your cloud account like Google Drive and Dropbox and store your files indefinitely. Hook up several Quebee cameras and capture scenes from various angles, then combine them in post to get that cinematic look. It’s looking for funding now via Kickstarter and there’s less than half a month for the project’s target date. $150+.

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