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Samsung Solar-Powered NC215 Netbook

We have featured quite a few green gadgets here in PlunderTech, and here’s the latest from Samsung, the solar-powered NC215 Netbook. The unique laptop is available for pre-order right now and it features a 10.1-inch screen with a solar panel that dominates the rear lid of the machine. As its name suggests, it draws power […]

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Sliding Speaker for iPod from Green Power

This is a nice portable option for speakers on your iPod Nano or iPod Touch. It fits into the cradle very nicely and then out slides the speakers, almost like a keyboard on a QWERTY slider phone. The sound from these speakers won’t be enough to move the ground, but it should be loud enough […]

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Low Power Radio Tech

There’s still hope for that TV remote that eats lots of battery energy. Finally, it could be labeled as a “green device.” This new remote has a power source with enough energy to last the life of the device. The radio technology is so cheap to implement. There’s also increased range up to 100 feet, […]

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Grasshopper Foldable Electric Bicycle

David Gonçalves designed this bike as his entry to the 12th International Bicycle Design Competition, and even won a Merit Prize for it. Cool huh? The main feature of the bike is that it’s made of composite materials that make it rigid. It’s also able to fold itself, making it smaller and compact. Since it’s […]

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iCharge Eco: The Power of the Sun

This is in relation to our earlier post of the [Battech iPower Solar Charger]. Since the market has these products available already, this just means that Solar Power is one of the ways to go in the future. The iCharge Eco is not much different from our earlier product. The only difference is the battery […]

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