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The Chinese zodiac says that January 31, 2014 will be the start of the Year of the Wooden Horse. Not everyone believes the superstitions surrounding that symbolism but it doesn’t hurt to have items made of wood. Even mundane items as USB AC to DC adapters. Like the LumberJack from ilovehandles. It looks very much […]

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Airfy Smart Wi-Fi HotSpot

Normally, you wouldn’t think too much about what your router or Wi-Fi hotspot looks like. It’s there to connect you to the Internet as easily as possible so the aesthetics take a back seat. But the geniuses behind Airfy think otherwise. The hotspot should be a topic of conversation in on itself. Looking nothing like […]

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Circuit Scribe

Every student who took up electronics will understand how circuits and diagrams work. Those students all dream of their work coming into life, even after their simple sketches and rudimentary circuits. The dream can turn into reality now with the Circuit Scribe. It’s basically a roller ball pen but instead of ink, the Circuit Scribe […]

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Doxie Flip

Scrapbooking is a huge part of keeping your memories. The only problem is that physical memories, e.g. your first boarding pass, high school notebooks, old photos, are at the mercy of the elements. When those things get wet, then you might as well say bye bye to them. But if you do have a scanned […]

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Eagle Tech Neptor Battery Pack

Never be caught with a dead tablet or smartphone again with the Eagle Tech Neptor Battery Pack. The ET-NP056K-GR model hides a 5600mAh capacity within to give new life to your iPhone or Galaxy’s internal battery. With two USB outputs, the battery pack lets you charge two devices at once. One output has a 2.1A […]

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OFF Pocket

Worried about who might be spying on you? Better wrap your phone inside the OFF Pocket then. A truly simple solution to privacy woes, the OFF Pocket is a cellphone sleeve made with special materials to block out all of your phone’s signals. That includes cellular, GPS and Wi-Fi. This means that you may be […]

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D-Link DIR-850L Gigabit Router

Today’s game is about connectivity and putting you at an advantage is the D-Link DIR-850L Gigabit Router. The dual-band wireless accessory connects more devices at a faster rate (300 and 867 Mbps) with four Gigabit Ethernet ports if you feel more comfortable with the wired route. Even better is the clever use of two channels […]

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BenQ VW2430H

Not all computers are black or gray – some actually prefer a white setup. If you belong to the latter, then BenQ will happily provide you with a selection of white-colored monitors, including the VW2430H. The VA (Vertical Alignment) panel type gives you deep blacks and fantastic color at an affordable price. This particular model […]

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ASUS PQ321 UHD Monitor

Get real, life-like images with the new ASUS PQ321 Ultra HD monitor. Using IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) technology rather than the typical amorphous silicon for the active layers, the monitor crams smaller transistors which translate to smaller pixels for that incredible 3840 x 1260 resolution. The 31.5-inch monitor has LED backlighting with 4K UHD […]

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The Buccaneer Cloud 3D Printer

Pirate-approved and affordable? Count us in, mateys! From our fellow swashbucklers in Palo Alto, CA comes The Buccaneer 3D Printer from Pirate3D, Inc. Bringing 3D printing technology right at your home, The Buccaneer is both intuitive and very easy to set up, with no wires or spools of material going in the way of your […]

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